What will we do in the initial evaluation?

We will go over your complete medical history and talk about the behavior of your symptoms; what makes you feel better or worse, how the pain changes over the course of the day, etc. We will review any film studies such as XRays, CT or MRI scans, as well as discuss previous treatment (successful or not) and any other areas of trauma, pain or limitations. Most importantly, we will discuss your goals for treatment. I will then perform a physical examination, including strength and flexibility testing, and then together we will formulate a treatment plan, considering all of that information. Lastly, we will initiate treatment, and start instruction related to a home program.


How much treatment will I need?

Each patient and problem is unique, so that’s a tough call. If you have had long-standing pain or dysfunction, or more than one problem, you may need more treatment than someone with a new ache or pain. Once I understand your history and evaluate you, I will be able to give you a better idea about your treatment plan, including prognosis, duration and frequency of treatment.


Also, some clients like to see me more frequently, some less frequently.  I am open to doing what we need to do in a way that works for your schedule and your life!


What should I wear?

Please wear non-restrictive, comfortable clothing for your treatment. For neck, shoulder or upper back: camisole tops for women. For knee, hip, ankle, and leg: please wear shorts. If you are coming from work and need to change before our session, please plan to arrive early to allow time.


What should I bring with me?

So that we can maximize our time together, please take the time to fill out all of the forms before your appointment and bring them with you. We will go over them at your first visit; it will help me get to know you and personalize your treatment plan. You'll find all of the forms on the

Forms page to easily download and print out.



You should also bring any film studies, Xrays, CT or MRI scans and summaries from your physician, if they are available.



Be sure to bring your forms with you on your first visit!



Please remember that your time and my time is valuable, and that your appointment time has been set aside specifically for you.  If you must cancel or change your appointment, please do so with 24-hour notice. Less than 24 hours notice or missed appointments must be paid in full and are not reimbursable from your insurance carrier.








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