Physical Therapy Evaluation (60 minutes):

$175 cash discount

$190 if billed to your insurance


Follow-up visits (45 minutes): 

$140 cash discount

$150 if billed to your insurance

Consider this about Kathleen's practice:

  • You get 100% of her attention and committment to your success in reaching your goals.


  • She does not employ physical therapy “aides,” “techs” or any other unlicensed personnel.


  • She firmly believes that you are paying for a physical therapist and you should be treated by a physical therapist 100% of the time.


  • Kathleen learns more about you and your problem by treating you and listening to your feedback on the treatment EACH VISIT. If something is not working well, immediate changes can be made to your treatment plan.


  • With your permission, Kathleen will communicate with the rest of your rehab team, with progress reports as needed.

Why is physical Therapy / Pilates so expensive?


Well, consider this about Kathleen:

  • She has been practicing physical therapy for over 35 years, having graduated from one of the best PT programs in the country (Stanford University School of Medicine, Division of Physical Therapy, 1984).


  • She has been teaching Pilates and incorporating it into rehabilitation since 1985, initially at St Francis Center for Sports / Dance Medicine, then at Saint Mary’s Spine Center where she was a clinical specialist in spine rehab for almost 10 years.  She has continued to combine physical therapy and Pilates in her private practice for 19 years.


  • She is a graduate of The Pilates Center of Boulder, completing their year-long, 1000 hour program often referred to as “the Harvard of Pilates training programs.” She has also completed their Masters program, with more continuing education.


  • She is a graduate of the Polestar Practitioner of Pilates for Rehabilitation program, the Pilates benchmark of excellence for rehabilitation professionals.


  • She has spent thousands of hours and dollars in continuing education in both physical therapy (osteopathic techniques, Canadian manual therapy, running biomechanics to name just a few) as well as Pilates education. This means that she is as up-to-date as possible on current research and best practices for your treatment.


  • She is an active member of and former presenter for the American Physical Therapy Association, and has lectured for the UCSF Physical Therapy program, and the Kaiser Orthopedic Residency in Advanced Manual Therapy Program.


  • She is an active and certified member of the Pilates Method Alliance, the professional association and certifying agency for Pilates teachers. She also serves on the PMA Certification Commission, and is on the Item Writing Committee for the Certification Exam.


  • She is a Pilates teacher-trainee advisor for the Pilates Center, helping new teachers become great teachers!






Kathleen McDonough PT MA NCPT

224 Greenfield Ave

Ste 1

San Anselmo, California 94960