Some individuals, because of previous injury or health conditions / complications, want to do Pilates exercise with a licensed physical therapist. A physical therapist may possess knowledge of pathology and precautions that are beyond that of a typical Pilates instructor. Some clients may chose to begin their Pilates program with a PT so that they can learn and be knowledgeable about dealing with their particular diagnosis or health history.


Kathleen has over 35 years experience as a PT, but also is a graduate of two of the most respected and rigorous Pilates training programs (The Pilates Center in Boulder - often referred to as "the Harvard of Pilates Schools" – and Polestar Pilates – the benchmark of Pilates excellence for rehabilitation specialists). If you need a little extra care getting started, or are concerned about any physical difficulty, seeing Kathleen for private Pilates lessons will help you be more comfortable and confident in your Pilates experience.


With the new office and limited floor space, Kathleen is not currently teaching any group classes.  She does continue to see a few private Pilates clients each week.


Check the Upcoming Events page for date changes.





Kathleen McDonough PT MA NCPT

224 Greenfield Ave

Ste 1

San Anselmo, California 94960