Now Scheduling Telehealth Visits

With the stay at home orders, legislation and policies for remote Telehealth visits have been changing almost daily.  In my desire to do everything I can to support you in your rehabilitation and return to full health and function,

here is what I can tell you and offer for live visits via the internet:

Why should I schedule a Telehealth visit?

Even though I can't touch you, there are LOTS of things we can accomplish with a virtual visit:

*We can easily review and progress your exercises.

*We can look at ergonomics for those of you newly work-at-home folks, and help make working at a home office safer and more comfortable experience.

*We can progress your home rehab-based Pilates practice or freshen it up if you need some new inspiration or cues.

*We can do a virtual work out with me supervising your exercises, cueing and answering questions as you move.

*We can review and work on more comfortable ways to move: how to "bend" without bothering your back or neck.

*We can problem solve safer ways of moving for other newly-embraced activities (planting a "Victory Garden" or re-organizing your closets or aggressive Spring Cleaning, anyone?).

How does billing work for Telehealth?

For Patients with Blue Shield of California:

Visits will be billed and paid in the same manner and at the same rate (with usual co-pays and deductibles).

For Self-Pay clients: 

Visits will be billed and paid in the same manner.

For Out-of-Network Insurance Plans:

There is a lot of variability, and although Aetna, Cigna, Anthem and United Health Care have agreed to coverage for Telehealth visits, coverage can vary plan to plan for each carrier.  I would recommend verifying coverage via phone with your carrier, and I am willing to assist you in doing this.  Unfortunately, wait times have extra long as providers and patients scramble to get answers from insurers.

How are Telehealth visits being conducted?

I will be using a program called which is HIPAA compliant and more secure that other video-conferencing platforms.  

How do I set up a Telehealth appointment?

Just reach out to me via the office phone (415-747-8189) or my cell (415-272-3966) or send me an email ( with preferred dates / times and I will confirm.  I will need your email in order to invite you to my "waiting room."





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