Kathleen not only got me walking again after a severe back injury, but she put me back on the golf course with a more powerful swing than ever.

Leonard Gross | Co-Author Total Fitness,

Maximum Performance, The Rejuvenation Strategy

After I underwent major knee surgery, Kathleen's pilates-based physical therapy helped my tremendously. Her methods were gentle yet effective and were the reason I got back to running and mountain biking so quickly. Thanks again for your help, Kathleen. Reflecting back I can see that you made my recovery possible, and for that I will always be grateful.


G. C. | Sir Francis Drake High Mountain Bike Team  State Champions '09, '10, '11, '12, '15

Kathleen is total gem! Both as an outstanding Physical Therapist and an amazing Teacher of the Classical Pilates method.  I have had the pleasure to teach classical Pilates along side Kathleen for a few years and I highly recommend her, especially for the skeptics.  Her unwavering commitment to her clients' physical health has transformed and shifted people's paradigm on health, and fitness. For instance, when I have had clients that were stuck or their injuries would not allow them to progress, Kathleen's knowledge and skills were essential in assisting and educating them to return safely and successfully to their fitness regimen and lives.

Fernanda R |  Pilates Instructor

I suffered from back pain (carrying babies, carrying monster boobs, nursing – mothering is backbreaking work). An MRI confirmed a compressed disc and other ailments all of which were exacerbated by the pregnancy! The Dr. looked so sorry for me, saying I would need all kinds of help with my kids and prescribed physical therapy, adding that I should stop riding a bike and could always get lumbar fusion surgery (scary stuff). So I went to see Kathleen.

I have always thought Pilates was like ballet for pretty, skinny, rich girls – not big strong women. Kathleen told me I was wrong and then proved it. I feel great and can be active with my kids and have had no surgery!

L. C.  |  Marin Parents of Multiples

I was on the wrong track: ignoring the problems and kept working and playing in pain, while relying on medicine to just get by. Kathleen turned me around! I stopped irritating my back and finally got some good medicine. Kathleen's guidance was conservative and very helpful and has allowed me to return to things I enjoy best, which I thought I may never be able to do again, like golf. Now if she could only find a way to get my handicap down.

Dennis Daugherty

When I sprained my ankle last year Kathleen was an invaluable partner in my recovery process. The mobilization and manual exercises that she used were absolutely crucial in getting me back on my feet. Kathleen's knowledge combined with her fabulous manual abilities make her one of the best Physical Therapists I've ever worked with. I am so grateful for her help!

Erika Linton Groff  |  Pilates Teacher/Trainer

Kathleen has been very beneficial in helping our clientele overcome their orthopedic injuries and achieve their fitness goals.

Joanie Greggains  |  Owner, ProActive Fitness

|  KGO Radio Host





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